Product categories 1

                          Shrimp culture peptide

                          Shrimp culture peptide

                          Product features


                          Shrimp, peptide is a kind of green additive for shrimp farming. Group technology center for 2 years spent millions, in dozens of large-scale aquaculture certificates of the shrimp kang peptide on enhancing immunity, promote production work wonders.



                          Product efficacy and application


                          Product efficacy


                          1) stimulate, strengthen the body's immunity and disease resistance.


                          (2) the maintenance of the alimentary canal micro ecological balance, and inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria.


                          (3) promote digest absorb nutrients, improve the production performance of animal.


                          The product application


                          Shrimp, peptide mainly used in shrimp farming.


                          Usage and dosage


                          Will this product according to 1: soluble in water, evenly sprayed on the feed, forage after air directly. Feed add 2 kg per ton (0.2%).